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About Us

Here at NFTi Emporium we employ and work with various artists to try to bring high quality art compositions towards exhibitions and marketplaces.
The style of our art follows primarily in the abstract arts division and exploring generative art.

We are always on the search to work with artists, so do not hesitate to contact us with your concept ideas.

About Artist

Evan Kareem

Evan Kareem has been drawing traditionally and digitally for many years.

The style of his art usually focusses on abstract division in art style, specifically in combining colours and geometric patterns and taking patterns from nature, natural phenomenon and landscapes and portraying those using various unusual ways. There appears some elements of surrealism there.


Although his way of “ drawing ” i.e. (digital) drawing/3d modelling necessarily does not rest on one particular way of appearance, as sometimes its simple objects, sometimes its geometric patterns, sometimes it’s a blend of colours, sometimes its landscape drawing or experimenting with

light refraction and sometimes it’s a combination of any of these things to bring out something new.


The reason for practicing multiple style of drawing is not to be stuck and fixed at one particular style but to be able to instantly draw anything that he can visualize in his mind in a flexible way, which could be a barrier if he only sticks to one style of drawing.


Although he never could get into to art school but took a slightly different route, he studied Drama and Performance Arts in college and studied Computer Science in University of Sheffield Hallam in the United Kingdom, which personally he does realize that it is a strange combination even till this day.

Spent many days understanding computer programming but also was always on the lookout to try to get his hands on to work with new art based software such as 3d modelling tools, colour grading software, pattern generation tool, generative art software, image recognition software etc.  

He continued to experiment with tools such as these to always find out how to generate art in a new way.


People generally might give a philosophical answer of what art means.

But to him art in is about portrayal of beauty, very simple.

For his art compositions its nothing to do with anything philosophical or with hidden subliminal meanings, but just purely about trying to portray “things” that would hopefully attract the eye for a moment, even if it is once. Whether it is through colour, movement i.e. animation, lines, patterns or even sounds or combination of any of these.

Although he does realize that its not always about being in line with the Golden Ratio or anything mathematically defined measurement as beauty is generally towards the eye of the beholder.


What besides art interests him is Quantum Physics and the fascinating mind bending topics that it contains, however would he try make an artwork out of this topic ? Well that remains to be seen. Its not everyday you can see the 4th dimension if it even exists.

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