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GA 001  See high resolution version.

32 canvas version.png
31 canvas version.png

Gold Art is a collection of artworks that consists of patterns you find in nature.

It has the resemblance of the natural phenomenon of Antelope Canyon Caves in Arizona, USA.

According to scientists these are the result of many millennia of weather extremes,

and these canyons were thereby formed over thousands of years of flash flooding of the

intermittent creek running through it, wearing away the Navajo sandstone rock-face before

emptying into the Colorado River and currently into Lake Powell.

At the times of long periods of drought, windblown sand would polish the narrow slot walls into a striated, swirling finish. In this place there seems to be an ever-changing play of light upon its walls and the flowing sandfalls that cascade into the depths of the slot canyon.

In this artwork patterns like these natural phenomenons have been reflected and shown in such a way like those are carved on a big heavy block of gold being displayed on a large wall of gold in a museum.    -    A decorative block of gold.



Estimated gold block dimensions - 2.0 M width x 1.9 M height

34 canvas version.png
33 canvas version.png

Light waves

Light waves is a collection of artworks that consist of a huge amount of colorfulness and vibrance.
It can loosely have the resemblance of aurora borealis but also a combination of a flowing riverbed or a 
waterfall, so these natural phenomenons can be reflected in here.
Those are slow flowing waves to show calmness in movements.

Note - the links would only show a compressed 1080p version of the artwork.

To see the artwork in the original high resolution click on the download option on each link

preview provided.  File size approximately 500 mb.

WAVES V2 - Preview of prototype sketch of waves V2 is viewable in Openprocessing.

V2 written completely in P5.JS is the follow up of the original artwork Light Waves.

!! Note that V2 is a prototype only, the end product shall be different and smoother in

movements from what is being displayed currently.

Other digital arts  -  Color Abstract

More viewings in gallery coming soon.

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