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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you onboard artists in your company ?

We are always in search to work with artists who can bring their skills to the table. However as we only concentrate on generally abstract arts hence we usually look for artists in that style.

What are your long term plans ?

Currently our long term plans is to construct and launch our own NFT marketplace using a common blockchain. Our detailed roadmap is yet to be revealed.

  Where do you release your NFTs ?

We try not to be bound on one particular marketplace as we try to bring our NFTs in many popularly trending marketplaces.

Which blockchain do you use ?

We are always on the lookout to deploy our NFTs using most major blockchains and are always searching to find the next popular blockchain to deploy.

 How do I contact you ?

For any queries you can contact us in our customer service department at  or

How do we keep in touch with the latest news from you ?

Please follow our Instagram for any latest news and our announcement section in our website.

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