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Upcoming NFT Projects

For more information regarding upcoming NFT projects join us in Instagram and Discord.

Keep Updated With in case any of our drop news show up there.

We aim to bring our projects in most major blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana and Cardano, however we are also on the lookout to always experiment with new blockchain types.

This is to bring the benefit of art collecting towards many NFT communities and collectors out there, no matter whichever one you fit in. 


• One Hundred Thousand Patterns

   is a huge collection of 100000 abstract     

   NFTs distributed towards multiple

   communities like Ethereum and Solana.

• Using generative art technology the

  collection is extremely colorful in attribute    and appearance with every artwork being

  individually unique in either different color

  or pattern.

• For further information about listing and

   drop go to the project's   main website

   (under construction).

An NFTi Emporium™ Project

one hundred thousand mosaic series.png
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